Finger-Trouble is a show management and building management controller. It contains a graphics engine that allows a sophisticated user interface with touch buttons and feedback display to be built.

It supports monitoring of show and building sensors using a wide range of protocols and formats including MIDI, Ethernet, RS232, Time and Date to name but a few.

It has a central mathematics engine which the operator programmes with a simple scripting language called Art-Talk. The mathematics engine can be used to monitor and manipulate show and building sensors along with user inputs. The results of the engine can be used to format display for the operator, email reports or trigger external control events.

ALI regularly uses Finger-Trouble in a central role in project integration. Most recently we used Finger-Trouble as the show controller for the Galaxy project in Macau. The spectacular facade show included some 80 universes of LED colour changers along with search lights and six high-power YAG (yttrium aluminium garnet) lasers. The Finger-Trouble system was programmed to guide the daily operator through the sophisticated startup procedures of the system. It also monitored wind speed, laser coolant flow and numerous other show parameters, advising operating staff of the operating status and automating emergency shutdown procedures for ATC (Air Traffic Control) emergencies.