Split the Difference! Artistic Licence upgrades and expands DMX Rail Splitter range

July 7, 2014

Lighting control expert, Artistic Licence, has introduced a major upgrade to one of its best-selling DMX splitter products, Rail-Split RDM, with no increase to the list price. Concurrently, a budget-beating sister product, Rail-Split DMX, is now offered for those in need of a reliable, no-frills DMX splitter without RDM functionality.

rail-split duo

Long a main-stay of the Artistic Licence DMX splitter range, Rail-Split RDM has an optically isolated DMX input and 6 independent outputs, each of which is fully bidirectional. The latter feature makes the product compatible with RDM-enabled devices, a powerful feature in many scenarios – not least in facilitating automatic fixture addressing. However, RDM is not always a blessing, in that some DMX fixtures misread the data structure, resulting in a flickering effect.

Rail-Split RDM now has in built-in solution. In its normal mode of operation, it acts as a fully-featured RDM splitter – as in its previous incarnation. However, with the flick of a switch, the product can now be set to fixer mode. This attempts to clean-out any unusual or non-standard timing and data before sending it to the output. Non-zero start codes (including RDM) are stripped out, a 512-channel footprint is forced and any timing jitter calmed. Another handy new feature is the front-panel LED indicators, which allow the user to see at a glance the power and data activity status.

“We launched Rail-Split RDM in 2004 and it quickly became our best-selling splitter,” comments company CEO, Wayne Howell. “Many of these users also like our DMX-Fix product – a desktop intelligent splitter – and asked whether we planned to do a DIN-Rail version. We thought this was a great idea, and the result is our improved Rail-Split RDM product – a switchable combination of DMX512/RDM splitter and DMX fixer/filter. Imagine the time-saving during installation and commissioning – if you have some fixtures that are misbehaving, simply flick the switch to the ‘Fix’ position and confirm the cause of the problem!”

Of course, not all DMX installations require the fixtures to ‘talk-back’ to the controller. In these circumstances, there is no need for RDM functionality, and customers might rightly ask why they should pay for something they do not need? Artistic Licence has therefore taken the opportunity to pass a cost-saving onto these customers in the form of Rail-Split DMX – a simple but high-quality 6-output DMX splitter with power/data LED indicators, but lacking RDM or fix/filter functionality.

Both products are now on sale from Artistic Licence and its distributors. Rail-Split RDM retails at £275 and Rail-Split DMX at £245. Customers should note that the previous version of Rail-Split RDM is no longer available.