Noxx Nightclub

  • Artistic Licence lighting control at NOXX Nightclub
    NOXX Nightclub

NOXX Nightclub

The NOXX nightclub in Belgium used 300 square metres of the Artistic Licence Multichrome Web product to create a stunning LED video ceiling. With a pixel pitch of 125mm, the ceiling contained over 19,000 pixels and required some 120 Universes of data.

Lighting designer Luc Peumans’ design was driven by six MA video servers using Art-Net. At the time (around 2006), this was a huge installation, presenting significant technical challenges. Art-Net II had only just been released and the MA video servers were only available with Art-Net I and broadcast data. During final commissioning it became clear that the broadcast data were overloading the network.

With literally 20 hours to opening night, ALI was called in to solve the problem. Our engineers worked through the night to develop a solution, which has since become a product in its own right: Art-Route. Art-Route is a PC application which uses two network connections. The broadcast data controllers connect to one, while the lights connect to the other. Art-Route then uses a list of unicast IP address to convert the broadcast data to unicast.