OLEDs in action

October 20, 2014

LG Chem OLED light panels have been used as the main light source in London based pop-up restaurant, Tincan. Architectural design firm, AL_A, used 16 circular OLED panels housed in aluminium cases to create pendant lamps. The lamps were prototyped using 3D printing, a technique that is particularly well suited for the product design stage.

The panels have an efficacy of 60lm/W, with a lifetime of 40,000 hours (LT70) at 3,000 cd/m2. LG Chem claims it will have 100 lm/w panels this year, which approaches the performance of regular LEDs. Indeed, a recent report from research company, cintelliq, predicts that OLEDs will credibly compete against LEDs by 2016.

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