Artistic Licence launches Art-Osc at PLASA London 2013

September 13, 2013

Artistic Licence is delighted to announce Art-Osc, a new protocol that allows remote interfacing of lighting control data via smartphones or tablets. The protocol will be launched at the forthcoming PLASA show at Excel, London, 6 – 9th October 2013. Artistic Licence will be providing hands-on demonstrations of Art-Osc at stand L50 throughout the show.

Following in the footsteps of Art-Net, the hugely popular Ethernet protocol that Artistic Licence introduced ten years ago, Art-Osc will be available on a royalty-free basis.

Artistic Licence developed Art-Osc to overcome a limitation that currently exists in the lighting market. While RDM (Remote Device Management) allows a lighting controller or building management computer to report on equipment status, it is not designed to convey data in a user-friendly manner.

Art-Osc original

Art-Osc provides this missing link. Concise and easy-to-use, the protocol sits upon the widely used OSC standard (Open Sound Control). It is compatible with numerous free or low-cost tools such as TouchOSC™ for iPad™ and Android™. Art-Osc also includes a remote control language that allows manufacturers to implement a flexible remote control framework with cross-manufacturer compatibility.

The Art-Osc protocol specification document is available at the show, and can be downloaded here.

Artistic Licence CEO, Wayne Howell, comments: “I’m very excited about Art-Osc because I believe it will enable the lighting market to realise the full potential of RDM. By adapting the existing OSC standard to our industry’s needs, we benefit from the excellent tools that have already been developed elsewhere, such as TouchOSC™. This not only significantly lowers the entry cost for the RDM visualisation sector, it also gives our industry access to the latest mobile device technology.”


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