Artistic Licence at LuxLive 2014

November 12, 2014

Artistic Licence is delighted to be exhibiting at LuxLive 2014, stand F64.

Making its debut is daliSwitch, a 6-channel DALI controlled mains relay with some ingenious features. Each relay simulates an independent ballast, enabling the relays to be controlled with the standard DALI commands – for example, the relays can be switched individually or as a group, or respond to a scene or broadcast command.

A particularly useful feature is the ‘Non-Com’ warning LED: this lights up if daliSwitch detects that the circuit has not been commissioned, potentially saving the installer hours of unnecessary troubleshooting time.

Each individual relay also has an activity indicator light, enabling the user to see at a glance the status of the device.

daliSwitch complements the growing range of Artistic Licence DALI products, which include DMX-DALI conversion devices and DALI programming tools.

In other product news, Artistic’s pocket-sized DMX tester, nanoScope, is a must-see for gadget lovers. Lightweight and battery-powered, the device lights up in different colours to indicate its findings. nanoScopeRecently launched, nanoScope is proving very popular as an affordable and essential addition to the lighting technician’s toolkit, for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

In the area of DMX distribution, Artistic Licence has recently upgraded and expanded its popular range of DIN rail mount DMX splitters. Rail-Split RDM — a 6-output DMX/RDM enabled splitter — now offers the additional functionality of a fix/filter mode, which can be a panacea for a host of DMX compatibility issues.

For those needing a simple, high-quality splitter without RDM or fix functionality, the new product Rail-Split DMX should prove a draw for budget conscious customers. Finally, for those who like to set the dial to eleven, there will soon be the option of Rail-Split Extreme – this product offers all the features of Rail-Split RDM, while benefitting from extra output protection against electrocution and static discharge.rail-split montage

Visitors to the Artistic Licence stand will also have the opportunity to view the new versaSplit system, a rack-mount product that sweeps away traditional approaches to DMX and Ethernet distribution. Designed to be a radio distribution system one day, or a DMX splitter or Ethernet node the next, versaSplit embodies a modular and configurable solution that breaks down the barriers between conventional product types.

versaSplit PLASA award picture montage

Company CEO, Wayne Howell, comments: “As a company, we aim to provide the best control solution, be it DMX, DALI, ethernet or radio. We understand that there are perceived ‘norms’ for particular markets, but also that there is a great deal of technology crossover. Our expertise is unusually broad, and it’s important that we can leverage this advantage – LuxLive gives us that opportunity”.

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